Saturday 26 January 2013

Sand Boarding at Conache

This week has mainly consisted of spanish and eating lunch with the students. On wednesday I did go to the 'gringas' bible study which I really really enjoyed. They are looking at the book Crazy Love which is all about knowing how much God loves us. It was asking us "are we really totally in love with Jesus? Or do the words halfhearted, lukewarm and partially committed fit better?" I found this really challenging looking at my own life and asking myself do I really show Jesus that I love him by the way I act and how I spend my time. I am looking forward to the next study in a couple of weeks.

On Wednesday night Pam and Rich had some friends over and Chris barbecued Bolivian style. The food was sooo good, I would definitely recommend a Bolivian bbq. On Thursday morning Pam and I went into the centre of Trujillo and she took me round the big market there. It was amazing to see all the variations of food and the different ways they were displayed, although I would say that a lot of the meat looked disgusting.

Bolivian style bbq 

My next lunch..

Yesterday I went sand boarding with all the students which was so much fun. To start the excitement we had 10 of us in one car which was a huge squash! When we got there we rented 3 sand boards (snow boards) between fifteen of us and then walked about ten minutes to the dunes. On our walk the students taught me the words for each of the animals we passed- chickens, cows, turkeys, and donkeys.  The scenery all around was so beautiful - muy lindo - with dunes and huge mountains surrounding us. The walk up the dunes was killer though and by the time we reached the top we all were basically dead. We all managed to have one go sand boarding down the dune which was so so fun but really scary as well because it was so steep. 

On our way to the sand dunes!
The view as we walked 

Climbing the giant dunes
Uno, dos, tres, sonrĂ­e 

Little boy fishing 

Lizzie and I

Last night we all had a movie night at Anne-Laure's house and watched Argo and everyone was really nice and let it be in english with spanish subtitles. I was very thankful for that because otherwise I would have been completely lost! Tonight we are barbecuing again and then at 8.00pm I'm going out to youth group.

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